Система парковки для стекла до 150 кг


SV-P150 The SV-P150 means flexibility. It is an ideal solution for creating different environments in areas that are close together. For medium weight commercial use.


A creation designed to create spaces for multiple uses of sliding panels of up to 150 kg./panel and 10-12 mm thick glass; with an unlimited installation width. A silver anodised aluminum top track, and high precision rollers with 8 ball bearings for a smooth sliding action, as well as vertical adjustment. The installation has no bottom guide channel, thereby avoiding any architectural difficulties. It also has safety pivots to attach the panels to the floor. The particular feature of this model is the panel parking area, which is very small, and allows the panels to be parked where desired, perpendicularly and parallel to the installation. SV-P150 is a system that adapts to any space, offering a wide range of installation alternatives and thus the maximum number of options for using the closing system.


Система парковки для стекла до 150 кг

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